Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Functional Entryway

Since we moved into our house about a year and a half ago there has been one room that has always bugged me, the entryway/mudroom. It was a space of potential that really just got overlooked, until now. I finally couldn't take it anymore. The room has a nice sized coat closet, but our shoes, bags, purses, mail, junk, and who-knows-what would always be a big heaping mess on the floor. Almost makes me ill just thinking about it. It's hard (really hard!) to get little boys...well, and even big boys to actually open the closet and put their shoes & coats inside. Ha! I love how I blame the boys, but in the pic below its my shoes on the floor and mostly my bags on the ottoman. Theirs were most likely in the hallway... Yeah, lets go with that! Additionally the room was boring. So stinkin' boring. Light cream walls, three doors, standard little light. I HAD to do SOMETHING!

****Update: We have given this room a makeover, see the updates here

I DIYed up a few projects, and now the space is cute & functional! Remember the chalkboard? It now lives in the entryroom. The FUN feature! 
And then I DIYed a rustic coat/key rack from random wood we had around. It was a REALLY easy project. I only had to buy the hooks and the pipe clamp. The "vase" is just an old spaghetti sauce jar that I reused. I got the idea here. Theirs is adorable! They used a cute mason jar, but I just used whatever I had on hand. I'm cheap like that... but maybe one day I'll upgrade! 
And that pillow that I scored from Goodwill... Yep, you guessed it. She now lives in this room too. I even used the pillow case draped over the ottoman for a bit of contrast in color & texture.
It's better now, but still has a ways to go! As far as design goes, I'm thinking it needs:
  • A new light. Perhaps a fun industrial metal pendant light? Something that hangs down a little.
  • Maybe horizontal stripes.
  • A larger, more colorful rug.
  • Artwork.
It definitely still needs some love to make it more charming, but at least we worked on the functional aspect of the space. And guess what!? It has actually stayed cute/clean! No ugly piles of bags and shoes. Score!

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