Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY - Canned It!

I feel like I'm starting over, in more ways than one. I started writing this blog not too long ago to document the things we were doing to improve our home life. And then life got a little interupted. The kind of interuption where you go a little M.I.A in blog world. But, I'm getting back at it... slowly but surely.
Here is my simple DIY... or you could say problem solving idea. I saved some flowers from a bouqet that we had at our house. Half of the bouqet was wilted, but the other half was going strong. So, I gathered up the good ones and put them in a smaller vase that we had on hand.
Only then to realize that the tops still looked nice, but the stems- eh, not so much. The solution? Just a simple ol' spray painted tomoto juice can. Hides the yucky stems, plus adds a bit of color to the kitchen. A bit of extra color I should say (along with the flowers themselves).
See, you can sort of see the yucky stems here:
And now you don't! 
Just a simple idea, but I like it!
I constantly save my cans. I try to spray paint them whenever I am doing another spray paint project. Then, I just keep them on hand for whatever I come up with! Thinking about doing a few red ones next time... perhaps a Christmas project? Hmm... the wheels are turning!

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