Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY - Refinished Round Side Table

Well, I think my DIY painting/staining projects might be slowing down since the weather is likely to be getting a bit more wintry. The positive is that I'll have a few "new" pieces to work on come spring time. My mom recently gave me some old furniture from her house that she really didn't use or have space for. Here is a picture of some of those items. A few end tables, small side table, and also not pictured a dresser, chest of drawers, and a mirror.  I told my husband how excited I was about the little round table to which his says, "I don't like it, it looks to old for our house. Like something you'd find in a grandma's house." Funny he says that because they were originally from my Grandma's house! 

Such little faith, he never sees the potential like I do! 

These thoughts flashed through my mind when I saw this table: charming, shabby chic, cottage, white wash, bedside table, GUESTROOM, get to work! And so I did. 

Since I was going for another "aged" look (but certainly new aged, not grandma style) I decided that spray paint would work best since there were several curves & grooves on the legs. And spray paint worked GREAT! I used Rustoleum Glossy White with 2 times the coverage. 

I rough sanded it, and then did about 3 coats of spray paint (letting each coat dry before applying the next). After the last coat dried I just took a piece of sandpaper to the edges only. I wanted the top to be smooth, so I stayed away from it. 

And this part was a bit of a happy accident. I put one coat of poly on the surface, but decided that it wasn't necessary. The poly was a little tinted from using the same can with staining projects. I freaked out when I saw the tint and decided that I would just respray that section with spray paint. I guess the poly wasn't quite dry yet when I sprayed over it, and this is the effect it gave me... 
See the cracked look? I like it! 

You can tell the top ended up so glossy and pretty that it shows the reflection of the clock & vase. 
I love it! 

I think it looks pretty cute up in the guest bedroom, next to the DIY headboard & patterned bedding. 
They seem to work together for me. 

What do you think? 
And I did add a few more pillows to the bed. One of which has my Goodwill pillow case. 

Oh, and are you wondering what my kiddos were doing when I photographed this? 

Probably not, but I thought I'd share. My little one was snoozing. My oldest one was:




Yep, he was crashing my photo shoot. He was having a blast though. 
 I just embraced his boyhood and encouraged the fun to continue! 

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  1. Love the bed set. Where did you get it and what is it called. I love those creative free projects. It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you! The bed set is called "Cameo Marcheline Floral Bed Set"... I bought it a long time ago from TJMaxx, but it has also been available at Kohl's and Walmart, so you might check there or online. :)

  2. Making that headboard soon!! thanks for the tut!

  3. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I can't wait to make it!