Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY- Rustic Headboard

About a month ago we finally purchased a mattress set for our guest bedroom. As comfy as our couches are, we kinda figured that our company deserved their own private room & warm bed to rest in. The mattress was set up on a simple ol' metal bed frame... on went my pretty bedding that I bought right when we moved in... and.... still NOT the sweet guest room that I envisioned. Boo! Our bed desperately needed a headboard.

BUT. I'm too cheap to go buy one. I mean, it took me this long just to get the mattress!

And then one day while reading my new Young House Love Book...

BAM! I found my inspiration! 

*Side note: If you don't own this book yet, you should immediately get in the car, drive to your local book store & purchase it! I'm not kidding -- it's that good. And if it's late and the stores are closed... two choices, wait until the A.M. and then go OR Amazon. But the first choice is probably the best, since you will want the book right away! It is full of great DIY and decorating ideas that really anyone can tackle. The hubs got it for me for my birthday... and check out this awesome tweet shout out. Made my day extra special. :)

I love them! 

Anyway, moving forward... 

By now you probably know that we have a lot of leftover lumber around our house.  Most of my projects and ideas have revolved around this wood. 

I made the bathtub tray which you can see here
I also made the coat hook for the entry room which you can see here.

Well, here's to another wood project! My take on Young House Love's Rustic DIY headboard. It's definitely a modified version of what they talk about... only because of what I had on hand (gotta be thrifty).WHO DOESN'T WANT A FREE HEADBOARD!? I mean, really?

So, I used the same ol' pieces of wood (they are about 11 inches wide). I used 3 pieces. I also used two 2 x 4's for the support in the back. And I made them long enough to act as legs for the headboard because knowing myself I will probably rearrange the room and need to move it.

I weathered them (pretty much beat them with a hammer), sanded them, stained them (English Chestnut), added 2 coats of poly, and let them dry/air out for about 24 hours. I only stained one side of the boards (the side that would be seen from the outside).

I flipped all of the boards over and squished them tight together. Then I laid out the supports. Make sure to do this step close to where you will be setting up the headboard because it is kinda heavy!

I measured 2 inches down from the edge of the top board. You gotta make sure you get this step right, otherwise your headboard will be slanted / uneven because the legs won't be the same length. 

And this is kinda obvious, but make sure you have decently long screws. I used 6 screws on each support. Two per board. And that is it!

Here is a look at what the guest room looked like prior to the new headboard. The ten foot walls look REALLY bare. Yikes!

I sandwiched the headboard legs between the wall and the bed AND.... wala!

Here is how it looks with the headboard. What do you think? I love the rustic contrast and the height that it brings. Makes the bed more of a focal point rather than an eye sore...

It will work nicely with other natural design elements that we already have like this banana weave storage basket! 

And pretty easy, right? I thought so!

I'm getting excited to see where this room goes from here. Now on to artwork and redoing some old furniture! Stay tuned...

*We have updated this space recently! You can see more here. You will also see some pics of my son crashing my photo shoot! :)

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  1. Such a GREAT idea! And, this is something I really think I can do :) One question - did you make the 2x4's long enough to where they reach the ground? Are the boxspring and mattress holding it up against the wall? How does it stay secure?

    1. Yep! I made the 2x4's long enough to touch the ground and it is supported between the wall and the mattress/boxsprings. I put two old hand towels between the wood and the wall so that it doesn't bump up against the wall. This was just the easy way to do it. You definitely could make it to where the 2x4's line up with the metal bed frame and secure it that way. OR You could mount it directly to the wall. I just know myself and my tendencies to move furniture often, so that option wasn't for me. Hope that helps and makes sense! Glad you stopped by!!! :)

    2. Cool! Great idea with the hand towels! Thank you :)