Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Repurposing Big Containers

Just think: What is outside of the box that could go inside the box? Seems like a little bit of backwards advice right since you are usually told to think OUTSIDE of the box... and well, I guess that works here too. The point? You can use your product containers for other purposes in your home. Especially the economy size food containers that you get at places like SAMs Club. Containers such as these...

I got really excited to use the Animal Crackers one as storage for my son's blocks. The blocks originally came in a cardboard box, so future storage was up to us to figure out. The colors of the blocks look really cute inside the clear container and the red lid matches his room nicely! Plus, it's easier for him to help clean up when he can just toss his blocks in at random rather than trying to make them fit nicely back into their a much smaller box. Actually, it's easier for the both of us as I wasn't having much luck with the small box either!
Colors look good, huh? Really all I did for this was remove the label. BUT I imagine you could get all kinds of creative with it. Chalkboard labels, spray paint the lid a different color, decals, etc. If your kiddos (or you) eat a lot of Animal Crackers, you could have a whole shelf of these filled with... well, whatever!  We might give it some more love in the future, but for now I just feel good about not spending any extra money on storage! Maybe I will buy some more blocks to fill the container up instead-- looks like it could even hold another set! Pssh, my lucky kids! :)
Our PAT (Parents as Teachers) Educator recommends having simple blocks like these in contrast to all of the toys with lights, noise, etc. They encourage imaginative play, stacking, color recognition, etc. The set we own is by Melissa & Doug. We love them! My son will take a simple rectangular block and "fly" it around the room pretending it's a plane... she was right -- oh how I love a little creative mind! :)


  1. What a wonderful idea! What did you use to take off the sticky labels without scratching the container?

    1. Thank you! These peeled off pretty easy, but I usually use nail polish remover to get off anything that's left.