Friday, November 16, 2012

Retail Therapy

Do you have any idea how challenging it can be to get two kids ready and out the door in the a.m.? Some days I'm a pro, and some days I feel like a newbie at the Mom gig. Yikes! Yesterday, I felt like a newbie. Sheesh... Luckily for me, the result of my morning of madness was a few hours of pure, blissful ALONE TIME! Whoop whoop.

Where did I spend it? Psh, Goodwill of course. Goodwill Thursdays, remember? We talked about this. :)

A stroll down the isle and my day turned right around. Retail therapy at it's finest.  I seriously scored big, and I'm not even kidding you! For real.

Check out my new textiles:

And my new light source:

And my new little dishes & vase:

And my new pillows:

And my new decor:

And my son's future Christmas gift:

Heck yes! I got all of this stuff, plus a pile of books for $50 bucks. The lamp alone would have at least cost that much. And the ONE pillow, half that.

I gotta be careful, sometimes I'll be suckered in just cuz it's a deal. So, when I'm out buying I try to think about where I would put it and if it really matches our style/colors. I try to be honest with myself. Right before checkout I run through it all just to make sure it's a good deal. Gotta keep myself accountable. Yep, I do pass things up. Today I passed up a blanket, more pillowcases, a gate, and a rug.

You know, "they" say that accessories are a cheap & easy way to add color / change up a room. But when pillows cost $14 - $30 a piece those accessories sure can add up! I'm sticking with the $2 ones for now.
I'm a happy girl! Anyone else find any good deals? I'd love to hear about them!!


  1. Love this! I hope its okay- I am going to post this link on my real estate website. We have a mutual friend (Stacey Bruce) -she told me about your blog when I posted a request on Facebook for ideas on today's blog post topic. LOVE your blog!! I will be checking back often! ~Paula :)

    1. Of course that's okay! Glad you stopped by and commented. Sweet messages like this make my day! :)