Thursday, November 29, 2012

Toddler Transition Charts

Now that I am staying at home full time, I am really trying to implement processes, routines, structure, or anything that will help make our day run smoothly (aka minimize the crying, maximize the fun and learning). 

For the longest time we had quite a bit of trouble when it came to transition time with our son, going from one activity to another. This was especially true for going from a fun activity like playing with Daddy to a not-so-fun activity like bedtime. At our house the two main not-so-fun activities were bed/nap time and taking a bath. Psh, who fights a bath? I'd be a happy girl if I got even just a nice unrushed shower! Ha.

So, I put two and two together and made these babies:

I've been calling them "transition charts". All kids are different, but these babies work great for my son! He actually enjoys "checking his chart" to see what is next. I relate it to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where they check the Mouse-ke-tools. He loves that show, so it only makes sense that he loves his charts too. 

And the transitions are usually pretty pain free. I just sneak in his room and adjust the chart, then our dialogue goes something like this... 

Me: "Hey, let's see what your chart says it's time to do."  
Koah: "Ok! It's time to... go to bed." 
Me: "Oh, it must be nap time." 
Koah: Smiles and says ok. THEN, gets in bed! 
Crazy, I know. 

I keep them in plastic sleeves on the side of his dresser since most things I need him to do are in his room, or near his room (the bathroom). I just put them on a little command hook. 

Who would have thought that a simple little chart would make life that much easier? 

Added bonus: hopefully he will recognize the words after seeing them so much. That would be a win, win! 

I'm sure my individual charts will evolve with time, but for now we just have our six... eat, sleep, bathe, play, clean, and learn! 

They were really easy to make, but if you'd like to use my transition charts you can!

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  1. This is such a great idea! My little guy likes knowing what's coming next during his day. I may try this out!! :)