Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project planning: Mudroom

Right off of our garage entry is a small room. There are 3 doors-- the garage door, the laundry room door, and a closet door. Currently the room is a creamish color with white trim. We keep most of our coats and shoes stored in the closet, along with my cleaning basket and some laundry related products.

Since we moved in, I've been dreaming of making an adorable little mudroom and the time has come!

Here are the before shots.

And here is my inspiration: 

So, let's talk. What I love about the above pictures is the texture that the bead board brings. I loooove the corbels, adds a warm, charming touch. Additionally, I like the white and wood combination for some contrast. And lastly, one of the most functional parts, in my opinion, is the open bottom which allows for easy sliding of shoes under the bench. And easy is the better option in my household of boys!

Here is what is on "the list":

1. Built-in (white) - bead board, corbels, hooks 
2. Bench seat (wood/stained)
3. Repaint the walls (muted blue/gray?)
4. New light?
5. Durable/washable rug
6. FUNCTION!!!!!

Yes, please.

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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