Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Reveal: Mudroom

Ok, I would say that this room is now 95% complete. And I say that because, really, in my house no room is ever really complete, done, finished forever. My style evolves, my creativity needs an outlet, I'm hormonal and take it out on the house... therefore, no room is ever finished. BUT it is safe to say that the mudroom is now uber FUNCTIONAL and 100 times better than before. Woot!!!
Remember the before pics from the other day? Pretty... um, blah? Right? 

Cream, beige, boring. And just no purpose. Until, a friend of ours made us our custom built-in! We really only DIY the small stuff, and choose to leave the bigger projects up to the pros.  I've been stashing away mudroom and entry inspirations on pinterest for at least a year and a half now, so to actually fulfill this wish list item... it's awesome.

The built-in itself turned out great! Cool fact: The bench seat is 75 year old reclaimed cedar!

Texture, check. Functionality, check. Corbels, check. Boring walls, check.

The in-between picture below says it all. This little room was SCREAMING for color! I'm all about using color in smaller rooms. Less risky. If I end up hating it, well then repainting isn't quite a big ordeal as it would be in a bigger room.  Not to mention the obvious, but it's definitely less time... I painted this during my little man's nap and while my big boy watched a movie.

Paint. Paint. Paint. And....

Much better, right? 

I chose the color Autumn Fog which I purchased at Lowe's. 

 I still need to style it up some, but for now I just shopped my house to find some extra decor for the shelf above and a mail/key holder for right by the garage door. Oh, and a basket for under the bench. The plan is to keep my boys little shoes in their during spring/summer months -- flip flops, etc. In the fall and winter I can switch to storing hats, gloves, and scarves. Seems like a good idea, we shall see how it plays out.

This wall will need some love soon. I'm thinking a big bulletin board for family info. My son just started preschool, so it will be a good place for his school calendar and school work. Plus, it's the first thing we see when coming in from the garage... a good spot for important stuff. The hunt is on! 

I am also happy to report that the family has consistently taking off their shoes and slid them under the bench. Yessssss! No more shoes in the hallway... for now. 

I know I love it! Thoughts? Ideas? 

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