Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to Organize & Style Your Home Office

My clean, creative space.
It wasn't always this way.

Picture this... Two open shelves, two chairs, and clutter clutter clutter. The walls are a muted gray, the furniture is rustic grayish. Bland. It was just. so. blah. There were papers everywhere. Stacks of them. Some in paper trays and some in piles. It was a far cry from a creative space. 

It needed to be de-cluttered and it needed some color. And I figured with two little boys and one big boy (the hubs), that I could flex a little bit of my feminine side in my own space. Hence the few touches of pinks that you will see.

So, how did it go from blah/bland to what it is now? Well, I'll fill you in.

What it comes down to is open and closed storage. You gotta have both. And your open storage must serve two purposes. One, it needs to store stuff. Obviously. And two, it's gotta look pretty. My thoughts on open storage are LESS is MORE.... even with pretty decor pieces. Lots of pretty decor items on open shelves can look really cluttered really fast. 

Here is how I styled my bookshelf and the functionality behind it. 

Just a few tips: 
1. Less is more - Keep shelf items to either one large grouping or two smaller grouping. You can see that my shelves alternate. 
2. Hide anything that isn't pretty - Like mismatched business pens, papers that need to be filed, staplers, etc. Decorative boxes and drawers work perfect for this!
3. Add color. Color helps anywhere... as long as you love the color. 
4. Whatever you display, make sure it's YOU and you LOVE IT! (I love typography)
5. Live plants are a good go to for fillers, they tend to brighten any space up. 

Now for closed storage. I moved one of my open shelves to the basement and replaced it with this dresser. I've mentioned this dresser before on the blog... it was very old school, but a coat of pretty blue paint (a nice, unexpected pop of color) and it was good to go. I recently spray painted the knobs gold. It's in these days, ya know? 

It stores a ton! 
Each of the five drawers is dedicated to a different purpose. 

Here is the breakdown:
Drawer 1 - Office supplies. Extra pens, paper clips, thumb tacks, stamps. 
Drawer 2 - Camera stuff. Tripod, camera bags, charger. 
Drawer 3 - Paper supplies. Computer paper, colored paper, and stationary items including thank you and birthday cards. 
Drawer 4 - Craft supplies. Hot glue gun, paints, twine, etc. 
Drawer 5 - Fabrics. For sewing. Which I sometimes do... it's a winter boredom hobby. 

I got that rug from Target with intentions of using it in the playroom, but it was too small for that space. I like the color that it adds to the office.

As for the rest of the space, I put some of my office essentials on a little tray that I picked up at the dollar store. This way when my 1 year old is reaching up for anything and everything I can just slide it back or pick it all up at once.

Oh, and guess where I found some really cute washi tape!? Um, the Dollar Tree. Can you believe it? It's definitely not the real deal, but it's still pretty cute for accents and decorating.

Anyone have any other simple office solutions? I'd love to hear! 

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  1. Hey Lindze, I came across your blog from IHeart Organizing. I have to ask you about the paint color you chose for that little dresser. The Blue shade is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. Oh my goodness... I wish I knew! I painted it from a random test pot that we had on hand (trying to decide on blue for a boys room). I painted that whole dresser from a test pot, can you believe that!? Glad to have you stop by, hope you will come again! :)

  2. I love your styling. Where did you find the white drawers for your "to file" papers?

    1. Hi Rosy! I purchased those white drawers ages ago, but I got them from Walmart.

  3. This is great! Where did you get your open shelving unit? I think it looks beautiful.

    1. We bought our shelves from Hank's Furniture ( years ago... and thank you! :)