Monday, October 21, 2013

Beautifying the Inside of my Cabinet

Ok, guys, here it goes. I'll show you behind my cabinet door... 

Here is the scoop, this cabinet is where we store our coffee supplies, vitamins and a few baking items like flour and brown sugar. We try to keep all of our medicines separate in a cabinet in our bathroom, in the water closet, so it doesn't get much moisture. Anyway, we keep our vitamins in the kitchen because we like to take them with food. Without food = belly ache.

BUT I must admit, we don't really take our vitamins. Oops.

Now that you see our cabinet clutter, you might understand why. I'm not about to go get our step stool out of the pantry every day, only to riffle around up there trying to find what I need. 

Plus, I've sorta been on a secret mission lately... and that is to make things just prettier. 
And more custom. But for cheap. 

So, I took just a few minutes and beautified my cabinet. Seriously, it only took a few minutes, and I promise, nothing expensive. 

I decided that I needed to corral the vitamins into a container, that way I could just lift it down to find anything that I needed. I had this black plastic box already, so I used it. 
I think I got it on sale... maybe $3... at Wal-mart once upon a time. 

Then I used some acetone (or nail polish remover works too) to remove this label off of a previous condiment jar. I save these babies every time because they are the cutest size and already come with a black lid. I already had one in use for a small sugar jar that we use each morning for our coffee. 
I used this jar to store a couple of breakfast teas. 

And then, I added cute stickers to all of the jars. I purchased one sheet of stickers from the Dollar Tree. They are meant for the wall actually. I found them in the aisle near the contact paper.  I used just the first letter of each word (e.g. sugar = s, flour = f). They were big stickers... and of course, I picked pink. Hopefully my guys won't mind since most of the time it's behind the cabinet.

Tea and sugar? :)

The vitamin box got a "v" and went back up on the top shelf. A few of our vitamin jars took up a lot of space in the box, and are ones that I usually add to our meals or drinks, so I just tossed those guys in a little wire basket that I got from Target. At least now I can still just grab the whole basket. 

Next step, matching, pretty coffee mugs. Our hodge podge collection just isn't doing it for me. 
But for now, this is much better! 

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  1. What a difference a bit of organization can make! I love all things organization - I can spend hours just walking around in awe at the Container Store :-)

  2. I'm with you! Life just seems a bit better when things are organized. Thanks for reading! :)

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! Cute :) I'm gonna have to look around and see what else you've posted. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh yes, please do! My little corner of the internet... haha. Thanks for reading! :)