Saturday, October 12, 2013

Creative Ideas for Thrift Store Finds

Ever go to a thrift store and have something catch your eye, but then think "Where would I put that"?

Or maybe you just don't go to thrift stores because you don't think you will find anything useful?

Thrifting is an art in its self -- it takes a good eye & a creative mind. You don't necessarily go in with a shopping list, certain pieces just "find" you... do you know what I mean? 

I dropped in at a local thrift store with my son this week just to see what was in stock. This was NOT a buying trip. I had to tell myself that before we went in, annnnnd a few times while we were shopping. But, of course, I left with two things -- a book and a puzzle (because my son was well behaved and they were cheap).  Oops. :)  

By the way, thrift stores are an excellent place to play "I SPY" with the kiddos. We tried to stick to a fall theme, but of course we found lots of toys and animals.  My son loved it! 

Here is what I found: 
(and my thoughts on how and/or where it could be used)

This tall, slim faux plant would go nicely on a bathroom vanity for a sophisticated touch without taking up much space on the counter. Since bathrooms usually have very little natural light, faux plants are a great alternative to living plants. 

And how about this charming headboard? 

I love the swirly carved details. I'm seeing this piece, just like it is, in a guest bedroom. One of the advantages of thrifting is finding practical items, but for way less cost. If this were true for this headboard, I would be more likely to paint it. 

Lower cost = less risk if you mess up a makeover.  

So, a bright pink painted version would look adorable in a girl's room.

Some items are great as is, like this beauty:

I would probably place this gem on a top shelf somewhere and let it shine. It would look great alone or also in a grouping. It would also work well on an entry table with a candle inside. 

When I look at this next picture my mind just say "Fall Vingette". 
The wreath, the basket, the contrasting wood table all scream autumn love to me. 

 All of these items would look great in an entry way.

I would have taken this vintage suitcase home with me if it wasn't locked shut. These make adorable storage options for playrooms and kid's bedrooms. 
We keep legos in ours, but I can see a little girl keeping her Barbies and their clothes in one. 

Um, hello organizer. This thing was awesome! You could store paper, stickers, markers, paints, playdough, and really any other small craft item in this baby. 

Oh, goodness did I love this coffee table. Distressed and turquoise... I'm swooning. It was awesome. 
A little too small for the scale of our couches and sectionals. Something like this could also be repourposed into a bench by adding a cushion and pillows to the top. Pretty window seat? 

These metal wall art unicycles would look adorable in a whimsical nursery. 

 I could envision this baby holding all kinds of things -- soaps, washi tape, little girl hair accessories, makeup, and more. The list could go on. I would probably use this in a guest bathroom and fill it with hotel shampoos, lotions, and other products that guests might need. 

And say hello to this cool, retro booster seat. I've never seen anything like this before and thought it was totally fabulous. It would really only be ideal for 3 years old and up since it doesn't have straps. None the less, it's pretty cool and could be used a chair in a playroom or pulled up to a coffee table for family game night. 

Mr. Elephant could act as a bookend in a kids room, or just a cheery decor piece on a shelf.
Fun office decor perhaps?

There you have it! How would you use these items? 
Who loves thrifting?
 I do, I  do!!

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