Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY: Stenciled Wood Sign

In our kitchen we have a small center island. We have two, sometimes three counter height chairs that live there. They match our kitchen table, and they are the perfect height for both areas. However, they are heavy and have a tall backrest. The back rest sorta bulks up the area and chops up the eye line. It bothered me. So, I was on a hunt for some stools that I could tuck under the counter.

I eventually decided on this simple saddle style stools. I believe the finish is a walnut finish. I was hoping to find some old stools while thrifting, but after looking for forever nothing seemed to scream "take me home".  I really wanted to find some cheap old stools that way I could make them over.  

I bought three of these babies, brand new.  They were still affordable enough that I considered making over a brand new item... something I've never really done before. I was thinking bold at first... just a fun little pop of color. Luckily, I tested my color out on a piece of scrap wood that we had. Um, no. Way too bold for me. So, for now I left the stools as is. 

But I still had a pretty piece of turquoise wood that I didn't want to waste(I spray painted it, by the way). So, I grabbed a stencil pack that I had picked up at Home Depot (for about $4) and some leftover black paint.

I'm in love with having typography around the home. I went with "Hi." ... Hello color. Hello typography. I just taped down the stencil and dabbed on the black paint making sure I came at it from above, so I didn't get under the stencil.

Easy little craft project that was practically free. I'm thinking shelf item or bookend for this gem.

I'm planning on making a few more holiday related signs soon. Maybe for the mantle? Stay tuned!

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