Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meal Planning Printable

Today, I am working on a meal plan for the entire month. 

My goal is to do this once, and then repeat it each month. If for whatever reason I am getting tired of the menu, then I will make another and just alternate them each month. 

I'm thinking this will help A LOT. Usually, it's about 3:00 before I think about dinner... which is barely enough time to defrost anything and that's if I come up with a plan. Dinner is the only meal that seems to stump me. Breakfast and lunch are super easy, and I don't think ahead on those, but I never know what to make for dinner.

I spend A LOT of time thinking if I don't have a plan.

And then when I do figure something out, I usually don't have everything I need. :(

So, I also think this will help a lot when it comes to shopping trips. I'll be able to anticipate the special ingredients that I need for the week. Heck, maybe I can start sending the hubs to the store with a short list? 

It's one thing to want to have a plan, and it's another to actually DO something about it!
You can download my printable here and fill one out for your family. Let me know if it helps! 

Also, more free printables coming soon!

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