Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mood Board: One Store Only

Lately, I've been on a kick of scheduling & planning everything out. Whether it's physically on paper, or stored electronically... it doesn't matter. I just have to get it out of my mind and onto something visual. I'm SUCH a visual person. I've recently written out our family schedules, meal plans, cleaning plans, and many others. It got me thinking, "what if I put my thoughts and ideas for decorating into something visual"? 

So, I did just that. 

First thing is first, gather inspiration. I already had this thanks to my pinterest searching for fall table ideas. I saw these beautiful pictures and thought, "Wow, those colors go nicely together. I bet that would be a good color scheme for a living room." 

via / via / via 

I also challenged myself to find things from one place only. In blog world, and even on pinterest, it can get a little depressing seeing all sorts of Ikea hacks when you live at least 10 plus hours away from one. Or seeing all of the crazy affordable, CUTE CUTE stuff from Ikea knowing that it won't be until your next vacation that you might get to go to one. Anybody feelin' my pain? 

I choose Target for this mood board with the hopes that most people can access it easily. 
*Therefore, every item can be purchased at a Target Store or Target.com. 

I'd describe this style as comfortable, rustic glam. 

Yep, I'm in love. Not just with the design, but with the visuals. I knew it... works just like a to-do list or a schedule. Feels good to have a plan! 

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