Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boy's Bedroom (Part 1)

Great ready for a room reveal post... ok, don't worry it's nothing major. I'm actually planning a big redo on this room in the near future, but we can still talk about how it is now. It's my oldest son's room. 

He is going on 4 years old in February.
GULP! Four. FOUR! Please excuse me while I get a tissue... I'm an emotional Mom sometimes. 
Goodness, time flies.

If I'm being honest, I would have to tell you that my son does not love his bedroom.
Not because of how it looks (I don't think). He has cool and fun stuff in there. 

It's just EVERY night he asks to sleep somewhere else. I wondered if it was a fear of being alone. However, he will ask to sleep in our bedroom and the guest bedroom even if no one will be sleeping in there with him. It's odd in my opinion, but probably something more common then I think. 

He has a lovey... this little dog named Murphy. And a night light. And a star light for his ceiling. And a sound machine. We decided to ask him what would make him want to sleep in his own room. 
His answer: bunk beds. Duh. :) So, now we are considering that for a possible Christmas or Birthday gift. Which means..... EEEK! A mini room makeover. Well, I hope. Gotta clear that with the hubs still. 

He has a lot of handed down furniture, mostly because I wanted to test out the destructiveness of a toddler before we bought anything nice. I'm glad that I did that. And at this point, I still wouldn't buy anything to fancy for this space. 

Yes, as you can see in the pictures, he has two doors for a headboard. We just had his mattress and box springs on a metal frame for the longest time, until one day I said SOMETHING, anything... needs to be there until we get nicer furniture. My solution was these doors, and for a few reasons. I like the height that they add. This room has a vaulted ceiling so any extra height we can get is a good thing. And the other reason is that they were just sitting in our garage doing nothing. In the process of building they were ordered and installed in our home office, which we did not want. Instead we wanted french doors. So, these guys just sat in the garage. I figured why not serve some kind of purpose? And lastly, they were a good way to bring in some color to the rather beige room. 

So, I painted them blue with a dry brush technique that I had used for the other painted furniture pieces and popped them behind his bed, attaching them to the metal frames at the base. 

They certainly are not going to be there forever, but I like them for the time being! Maybe when they are done being a headboard I'll come up with a new use for them... Shelves? Tables? Who knows!?

PS - That is my scrapbook paper pennant banner, see how I made it here

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