Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY - Night Stand Makeover

Recently, I told you all that I am planning a bit of a makeover / revamp in my son's room. Regardless of what I end up deciding on in there, I know I have to have the color red. It's his fav. He talks about it constantly, even makes sure to point out all of the autumn trees with red leaves. So, I know his room wouldn't be a reflection of him without a little red in there. 

Step one for adding / keeping red... a night stand makeover. 

He has the perfect little wood night stand in his room. It has a little drawer for his treasures, and a shelf area on the bottom. I think it's charming for a kids room. 

It does have some damage... and fingernail polish? (it came from my Mom's house)
Here is another table from her house that I made over. 

But you know what? Paint can change anything! Seriously. 
I think painting furniture can really make an older piece actually look like it belongs in your home. 

First, I sanded it up a bit with this little sanding block that I had on hand. I wasn't perfect or particular with this process. I was really just aiming for removing the shine and roughing it up so that my spray paint would stick. 

I spray paint in my garage.
***TIP: I used this box that I saved from an Amazon delivery to create a little "spray room" so that I didn't get paint everywhere.
I did the front first. Then I let that dry before I rotated it to do each side. 

I used a gloss Rustoleum spray paint in Colonial Red. It looks so awesome!

Here is the before & after side by side: 

Once again, spray paint saves the day around here... bringing new life to old things! 

****UPDATE: To see the completed project, check out this post where I DIY a custom drawer liner. 

Ok, fine. It looks like this: 

Happy now? Just kidding. Really, I was just excited to share! ;) 

PS - I linked up at Young House Love for Project #72 of their book. 
Even though I didn't do this nightstand 3 different ways, I'm sure it will get a new look later down the road! 

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