Friday, October 18, 2013

Side by Side for the Photo Album

When I have both of the boys at home with me my somewhat tidy house quickly becomes decorated with toys, Tupperware, towels, clothes,  and any other thing you can imagine.  For that reason, we try to spend most of our play time down stairs in our playroom.... seems appropriate, right? 
Today we did just that. In addition to playing I had a little playtime photo shoot with them. Koah totally knows how to pose. Kasen on the other hand, well, lets just say I take about 200 pictures to get about 4 decent ones. It's the age, I suppose.  

Maybe I need to make one of these? 

Among many other things, Kasen...

Read books.

Played "so big"

Played with his Learning Turtle.

Watched the workers outside (a house is being built next door). 

 And among many other things, Koah...

Played dress up. 
This is his "cowboy" attire.

And worked the camera a bit. 

Kasen played copycat. 
He loves doing what his bro is doing. 

More camera working from Koah. 

Brotherly love.  Moments to remember. 

After I took all of these pictures, I realized that I had some pictures of Koah in the same Mickey shirt when he was a little tike.  So, I went searching in my photo files to find it. I had to laugh because Kasen is only 14 months and is fitting right into it. He is my big boy! Koah was 18 months when he wore it. 

Here is their side by side.

So. Serious. 

But - Oh. So. CUTE!

I haven't done a whole lot of side by side pics of the boys, so I'm glad I at least got this one! 

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