Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Painting an Accent Door

Ok, this is not good.

Lately, I have been really wanting to paint. Not just crafting, not just spray paint, but roll-it-on-the-wall paint. The kind of painting that really transforms a home and for very little money, I might add.

My list of painting dreams includes my boy's bathroom, my master bathroom, our front entry wall, a dining room accent wall, and doors. I REALLY want to paint my doors! Realistically though, I just don't have that kind of time right now to do every door in our house. And I likely don't have the patience to follow through with every door either. So, how do I get my fix?

This is what I'm thinking.

This room is my new favorite place in our house. I just moved that chair by the window down from my bedroom, and I've spent every night relaxing there ever since. I just love it! And I've probably told my husband that so many times that he is questioning if I love it more than him. Not the case, he's pretty awesome. :)

The door is currently standard white, which it's fine. BUT next to my white curtains... well, it just looks a little boring to me. I WILL be painting this door, I'm just not so sure which color yet.

Leaning towards black. We shall see... soon, hopefully.

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