Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bedroom Update

I'm not really sure why I keep cleaning up my son's room. It's madness in there and to top it all off he decided he was going to try to swing from his curtains like Tarzan. Yup. That happened.

He likes to wait in his room while I am finishing up dinner and watch for his Dad to get home from work. Innocent watching... yeah not so much. I heard a HUGE crash followed by  "Uh, Mom... I broke my window." Luckily his window was just fine, but his curtain was dangling from a rod that was dangling from the wall. When I asked him how it happened he told me he was flying through the air. Seriously? I'm gonna need the husband to help fix this one since the (blackout)curtains are 108 inches long and his ceilings are over 10 feet tall! He even ripped the dry wall anchors out of the drywall!!! I was not pleased and slightly demotivated for making his room super-cool-kid-cool. 

New rule to be enforced: Son, we take care of our house!!!!!

Luckily, I had accomplished a lot over the weekend before the big curtain incident. Check painting, more painting, and hanging a gallery wall off of the list. Done. Done. And done!

I painted the cream wall in his room brown. Before we had two brown walls and two cream walls. Don't ask me what I was thinking. You definitely can't have an accent wall if you have two of each. No worries, it's not an issue anymore. I'm certainly glad to have that off of the list.

I'm also in the middle of transforming his basic bookshelf. It's a cheapo from Target, but it serves it's purpose. So far, I've painted the back of it a blue color. I'm not sure if I like it yet. Sometimes I decorate by trial and error. Still pondering (and browsing Pinterest) on what else I can do to it. 

And lastly, I hung up all of the artwork that I've been crafting and stashing away. I figured that the bunk beds were going to be the surprise for him, not necessarily the decor in the room. I might be justifying myself getting antsy... but whatever, it's done! :)

Remember the before? 

And here is the progress...

I'll talk about some of the details in some upcoming posts. 
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