Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY - How to Customize a Standard Lamp

I have been looking for a deal on a double gourd lamp for quite sometime now with no such luck. I'm in love with them, but not enough to pay full price. During one lucky Goodwill trip I found a nice white, gourd-like lamp base for... are you ready... $3! THREE DOLLARS! I had to do it at that price. 

I put that lamp in my cart and never looked back. 

I had an extra lamp shade at home that was the perfect size, but it was white just like the base. I saw this as an opportunity to do a little DIY to transform it. I have been looking for ways to bring in more texture and color, so this was the perfect avenue. 

Texture first with burlap. 

And then color with red ribbon from The Dollar Tree. 

Here is a picture break down:

Lamp Shade
Burlap (or other fabric)
Hot Glue Gun (and glue)
Clothes Pin

The Steps:
1. Get a lamp and lamp shade. 
2. Grab your fabric. The more fabric the better as far as the edges go. I'd say at least 2-3 extra inches on top and bottom. Start at the seam on the lamp shade. 
3. Glue the burlap to the shade at the seam and secure with clothes pin. 
4. Wrap the burlap around the shade, pulling it tight and gluing at various places. I glued mine down only on the edges (in case I messed up it would be easier to remove). 
5. Use your scissors to trim the excess burlap off of the top and bottom trying to have the straightest line possible. Also, trim the excess off at the seam. Be sure to trim parallel to the beginning seam. 
6. Cut small slits in the excess fabric on the top and bottom of the shade. (This makes smaller sections which are easier for gluing.)
7. Glue the excess burlap to the inside of the shade. 
8. Make sure to have slits cut near the shade supports that way you can glue around them. 
9. Hard part is over! Yay! Test it out to see how you like it. 
10. Add ribbon (starting at the seam again). I let about half on the ribbon hang down from the edge of the shade. I only glued the ribbon down at the seam, and directly across from the seam on the other side of the shade. 
11. Cut the ribbon back at the seam you started at. 
12. Put the shade back on the lamp and you are finished! 

I want to make sure to highlight a few tips that I learned from this process.

It's fairly easy, but make sure you...

Have plenty of burlap or fabric for the edges. You can always trim it down later. 

Cut clean, straight lines when you are trimming off the excess burlap. 

Line everything up at the same seam.

And pay attention to the inside supports.
Make sure you cut small slits on each side of these, so you can glue the fabric down around them. 

Anyone have any other tips to add? 

I must say that I'm rather pleased with how my $3 lamp turned out. I can't wait to set it up in Koah's room, but for now it's waiting patiently (just like me... ha, yeah right!)

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