Sunday, November 24, 2013

DIY: Mini Pennant Banner

I have had this frame for quite some time, and it has gained a bit of sentimental value over the years. Originally it was a framed mirror. I think I bought it at Deals.  The mirror broke (yikes, I know!) and so it was left empty with a desperate need for a paint job. I faintly remember it being a hideous brassy/blackish color. So, I painted it and have painted it several times since!

First it was white, and framed out a chalkboard that I painted on my oldest son's wall in his nursery... in our first house! {Forgive the blurry old picture, please!}

Then it was light blue, and hung in my lil one's nursery. It was completely empty though. Just a frame on a wall. And not in a trendy way like part of a collection or gallery. I think I had intended on displaying some artwork in there or something, but let's just say it stayed vacant for well over a year. 

And now it's red and headed back to my oldest son's room, but this time it's filled with cuteness!

I've slowly been taking stuff off of the walls in Koah's room in preparation for the big redo. One of the things I took down was the DIY Pennant Banner that I had made from scrapbook paper. The banner colors were no longer a part of his future color scheme, and it matched the decor in Kasen's room much better. 

When Koah noticed it hanging up on his brother's wall he said to me, "Why did you take down my finish line flags?" (with a confused and sad face)  Poor kid. 

Oh my, make me feel bad why don't ya! He was going to need his own special banner if I wanted to get rid of the mommy guilt. I knew exactly what I was going to do with that lonely, desolate frame!

Let's talk about the materials. 

You will need:
  • Empty frame
  • Foam board ($1 at a Dollar Store)
  • Measuring tape (and/or a ruler)
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook paper
  • String or twine
  • Hot glue gun ( and glue sticks)
  • Push pins
  • Stickers

You will want the foam board to rest down in the frame, so that it's flush with the border. This way it will hang flat against the wall. So, using your tape measure find the dimensions for this part of your frame, and mark them. You could draw a cut line using a ruler, but I just eye-balled mine. 

Next, using a utility knife, cut the foam board using up and down sawing motions. You want to be slow and careful with this step so that the paper exterior doesn't rip or peel back. 
Hot glue the foam board into the frame. 

Next, you need to grab your scrapbook paper and string. I'm using some paper that I had left over from the DIY Night Stand Makeover. Using scissors cut out triangles that resemble a pennant banner. 

Flip the triangles pretty part of the paper face down and lay the string across the back. Here is where you will want to pay attention to your spacing so that it appears banner like. Once I got my spacing the way I wanted it, I just put a line of hot glue on the top of the triangle and then rolled the string up into the glue. I did this on each one and waited for them all to dry. 

I flipped the banner over and positioned it on the board. Once you get it where you like it, pin down the edges of the string with push pins. I used cute little white ones. 
This is why the foam board works nicely, it holds the push pins!

The last step is stickers. I just grabbed a pack from Michael's. Try to get a color that will contrast well with your scrapbook paper. I chose white with a black border. Line the stickers up with the top edge of the triangle so that it is straight and consistent. And then you are finished! 

You actually saw it last week and you may have seen it on Mommy Page, but I'll show you again. 
I think it looks pretty good up on the wall! 

I can easily switch it up if I want. Maybe lose the middle name and add team photos? Or remove the banner completely and write a saying in chalk? Yep. Apparently these are used for chalkboard signs. It doesn't function like a normal chalkboard, but you definitely could make a cute sign. It just doesn't really stand up to write - erase - write again. I tested it out and you really gotta work at it to erase the chalk. None the less, it's another option. 

I think I will keep it as is for quite a while!

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