Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY: Redoing a Canvas for My Son's Room

So, two things.

One, it's my birthday today! I'm getting old. Last year the hubby gave me the Young House Love book with the sweetest message written on the inside. AND John and Sherry tweeted me a "Happy Birthday". That's gonna be a hard one to top.

Two,  I'm officially a soccer mom! An emotional soccer mom, I might add. My son played his first indoor soccer game on Monday night. It was the cutest thing ever to watch! He scored a goal and my heart grew 10 times it's size. I love my kids so much it makes me cry on occasion. Don't worry, I kept it together at the game. Anyone else with me?

On Monday you saw our little kid friendly bathroom makeover that was completed over the weekend, but I forgot to tell you that my artsy side enjoyed some quick ARTISTIC painting in addition to the boring wall painting. If you follow me on instagram you might already know this. Now this was is easy project, so I hope I don't bore you with my simpleness today. Better yet, I hope you think it's so easy that you get inspired to do your own canvas redo this evening.

I had a canvas that at one point lived in the newly done boys' bathroom. Annnnd at one time, I loved it in there, but after awhile it just wasn't doing it for me. My mind started going back and forth... "that's at least $30 bucks... and what, wasted?" "Just like it again, you liked it before." "Hmm, what could I do to this thing to actually like it rather than pretend?" Well, wasting money was not an option in this house! Yes, I'm sure I could try to sell it at a garage sale, but I'm not patient enough for that.

So, I decided to make DIY art for Koah's bedroom. An easy way to bring in some color, pattern, and even texture.


1. Paint the canvas.
I used white spray paint -- I seem to be using it on everything in the house these days.

2. Tape off your pattern. 
I just taped off an imperfect chevron with some painters tape, and washi tape (because of course I ran out of painters midway and had no other masking tape or anything on hand). It did the trick -- just a tip though, peel slowly if you ever have to use washi tape for this purpose. Oh, and obviously don't use your favorite washi tapes... only the boring ones!

3. Paint.
I used some left over blue paint from a paint sample that we had.

4. Peel the tape off before the paint dries (just like if you were painting on the wall).
I peeled mine as soon as I was finished painting.

Simple enough, and will actually get some wall time (it's been in the closet for a while). I did this project without asking the hubby... he is much more a believer in seeing when it comes to me "making items over". He is very logical and matter of fact, and I'm more creative. I've learned to not ask, just do!

Checking off one small project at a time as I wait for Christmas and Koah's new room. It's like watching water boil, folks. Yikes...

Anyone else do fireside painting? Where is your favorite spot to get crafty?

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