Friday, November 1, 2013

Project Day: Painting the Boy's Bathroom

Wow, this girl is getting a lot done today in the midst of slight craziness. It's a long story involving a call to the pediatrician, a trip to Walgreen's, and one sick baby. My littlest one can't seem to catch a break.

I still some how managed to finish painting the boys' bathroom. I started it... last week? I think.
With Halloween and life going on, I did not get very far.

Reason for painting the bathroom you ask? I despised the color that was in there. It's a grayish color, but it has green undertones. We painted it in 3 rooms of our house before we moved in: the bathroom, the laundry room, and my office. The laundry room has already been repainted. As for the office, well, the color doesn't look so bad in there. I still don't love it, but that room is too big for me to be repainting any time soon. Plus, the office has a TON of natural light, so the color is brighter ... and a lot less "dirty" looking.

It's hard enough to keep the bathroom clean with boys around here, the last thing we need is a dirty wall color.

The color is a tad hard to make out in the picture, but you probably get the "blah, gross, yuck, worst color choice for this room ever" idea... right?

So, here is the progress pic...

It's a light blue color, the same one that we used in the recent mudroom makeover. Already looking a million times better in my opinion. Finishing this baby up this weekend! 

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