Friday, December 6, 2013

Book Styling Tips: How to Display Books in Your Home

I would venture to say that it can be hard living with a creative person. My husband would probably agree.  I've mentioned it before in my post about how to freshen up your home without spending money.... Sometimes, I just get the urge to rearrange, redo, repaint (he cringes at this one) and re-whatever. It's in me, and I can't help it. Now, I didn't switch my plates and glasses to a different cabinet, or decide I wasn't going to store scissors in the kitchen anymore. I get it -- moving the items that we use often can be frustrating when you go looking for it. Luckily this time around my redoing was relatively harmless.

I jumped on the book trend. You know, the sideways paper edge showing trend? Because not all book covers are pretty. In fact, most are not.

So, what do you do when you have a display going on like this
and you are tired of all the mismatch? 

Well, this of course! 

Now that I'm posting this, I'm itching to go find a few more books to fill in the gap on the right side. Is that bugging you? Me too.

Instead of seeing the assortment of book covers, I now see similar neutral tones. 
To me, it's casual and relaxed... plus the shelf holds more books when styled this way. 
If you have opens shelves this design might not work so well (books falling off of the edge). 

Stepping back a bit...

I love this unexpected and thoughtful look.  Cozy, cozy!

And speaking of cozy... How about a cute little boy in his jammies? 

Off topic, I know. I just had to share!

There certainly are a few other ways to store the "not so pretty" books besides this method. 

A few other book styling ideas:
Removing dust jackets on hardback books. 
Recovering books with pretty fabric or paper. 
Decorating just the bindings with scrapbook paper, washi tape, etc. 
Hiding them in a basket. 
Grouping similar colors together on a shelf. 
Putting them on a shelf much higher or much lower than eye level. 

Any other clever book ideas out there? Please tell me! 

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