Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Make Garland from a Bed Sheet

I have been looking for ways to incorporate blues into my Christmas decor. Currently my Christmas decor is traditional colors: red, green, silver and gold. I went with this color scheme because of two reasons. One, our stockings (family made tradition) are all green with embellishments. Two, we have other gifted decorations that we love in traditional colors and are likely to get more over time. The problem here is that we have a lot of blues in our upstairs. The normal decor and the Christmas decor seem to clash, and I wanted something to bridge the gap to make everything cohesive.

I found all of my answers in one simple fitted sheet. This plaid blue and green sheet was old (like from college) and was just sitting in our closet. Not once in over 5 years did we ever use it, but for some reason we still had it!

From this one sheet I made two table runners, tree garland, and a tree skirt. And you can too, it's easy!

One Queen Size Fitted Sheet (or more if you want more garland)
*You can find cheap patterned sheets at Goodwill. 
Heat Bond Tape
Iron (Ironing Board)
Small Safety Pins

Charming Christmas Tree Garland
Be sure to be careful using a fabric on a tree with lights -- never leave the tree lights on when you are not present in case of a fire. I accept no responsibility if anything like that were to happen. PS- I put my garland on a small tree with no lights. Your call!
1. Pinch the sheet about 2 1/2 inches from the edge and cut a hole to get you started.
2. From the hole, cut a straight line all the way around the sheet. Essentially you are cutting out a flat middle and leaving the elastic edge.
3. Once you have the entire edge cut off, you now have your garland. THAT EASY! One queen sheet produces enough garland for a small tree, so if your tree is large you may need more than one sheet.

*Tip - If you don't want to work with infinity garland, you can cut through at one point to make it one long strand rather than a circle. Make sure you hold each side once you cut it, so that you don't loose the elastic. Secure the elastic in place with a small safety pin (or sew it) on each side. Just make sure to tuck this into the tree where you can't see it. The elastic gives it the bunched look, so if you lose the elastic you end up with loose bunch. 

Easy No-Sew Table Runner
1. Measure the desired length and width of the table runner, and add an extra inch and a half or so to each side of the fabric.
2. Cut the sheet to this size.
3. Iron the sheet.
4. Lay the heat bond tape on the edge and fold the fabric over it.
5. Iron over the folded fabric and heat bond tape.
6. Do all sides and you are finished!
*I was able to make two small table runners from this one sheet, plus a tree skirt.

Tree Skirt
For the tree skirt, I just got lazy and bunched the left over sheet around the base of the tree. Hey, it works! Now I have the matching pattern in a couple places throughout the house. You could follow the same steps as the no-sew table runner to make hems for the edges, this way it won't unravel and will last longer.

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  1. Saw this on Pinterest, and since I hacked a Nicole Miller pillow sham, I just knew you were my kind of girl ;) LOL. Love the garland. Off to pin and share. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks!! Happy holidays and happy hacking! ;)

  2. Great idea especially since there are soooo many great flannel prints out there!

    1. Soooo many for sure! I bet it would look almost as cute in a solid... almost! :)

  3. Hey Lindze! These r actually very cool! I would have never thought of this! And thanks 4 the tutorial!

  4. I've gotta try this! Thanks 4 the tutorials!!!