Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas (Parts 2 & 3)

We have been keeping ourselves busy this holiday break. My husband is a business owner, so we are blessed that he is able to spend a lot of family time with us during the Christmas season. We have been making the most of it, but my routines and schedules are completely off. There hasn't a lot of extra time for blogging. I did want to squeeze in the part 2 & 3 of our Christmas celebrations before the new year hits. 

Part 2 of our Christmas festivities was Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. It dawned on me the night before Christmas Eve that this would be the only time that our family would get to spend a lot of time just the four of us. I cherish having that special time together. We spent the day relaxing around our abode, playing with the boys, and baking a cake. Our church's children ministry is amazing -- they sent home cake mix, frosting, and a cake topper for families to remember the true reason for the season, Jesus' birth. 

Koah loves to help in the kitchen, so we all had a blast whipping it up. I think we might make it a part of our annual traditions. 

We also gave the boys a gift to open which included The Night Before Christmas and matching jammies. 
Matching pajamas make for cute pictures on Christmas morning, unless...

... someone has a little accident. Oh well, still a cute picture!
Christmas morning basically consisted of lots of present opening. 
I opened Kasen's for him. He loved the toys, just wasn't too into the whole opening part. 

Koah got to see his new bunk beds (which we will post about soon). Here is how we "wrapped" them...

After presents were opened, the boys played with their new toys and we all got ready for Christmas Part 3, which was at my in-laws house. The day over there looks a little something like this...

Eggs Benedict for brunch.  Then clean up. Then gifts...

Which gets a little crazy! The living room gets hit by a wrapping paper tornado...

Then we all hang out doing whatever. Talking, board games, snacking, etc... 

And then we all play something together. We played Heads Up! on the iPad -- girls vs. guys. Girls won in case you were wondering. We also played Hedbanz (the adult version this time).

It was a great Christmas! 

 Looking forward to a new year with new adventures!

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