Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dining Room Reveal

This post is sort of a reveal of our dining area -- or kitchen table or whatever you like to call that area of the home.  We don't have a formal dining room, so I just call the space off our kitchen our dining room. It's all the same to me -- we eat there! I wasn't intending on revealing this anytime soon. In fact, I was actually planning on repainting our kitchen and maybe installing some board and batten. Key word is was. Ok, well maybe I still am planning on doing those things, just not for a while. 

I'm content with the way the dining area is currently. The reason?  We purchased new blinds. So crazy how one little change can really make a difference in the space and hold you over for a while. 

We hang out in two places of our home the most, the living room and kitchen/dining area. We gather around the table to break bread with our family and friends, so it should be a special place. We should LOVE being there. Up until recently this was just not the case. I would describe the before space as bright errr... blinding and blah. Thus, new blinds and a few little decorations saved the day and we can all dine and live happily. 

Here is a look at the new blinds in the living room.  They are actually indoor/outdoor blinds, and we purchased them from Home Depot. I love the texture and natural element that they bring into our home. 

There are actually two blinds in each of the three windows we hung them in. It worked out size wise and was also more affordable to do it this way. We spent around $126 total for three windows -- actually we had gift cards so we really spent $0!!! 

These blinds are not privacy blinds, only light filtering, which is what we mostly needed. We get blinded by the morning sun from the east at breakfast time, and then blinded by the setting sun at dinner time. If we ever desire total privacy, then we can always close our curtains. 

We have a table that can accommodate up to 8 people. I prefer to use a smaller rectangular table on a day to day basis (which accommodates 6), so I keep the leaf tucked away. The smaller table is easier to clean, and also is more functional for meals and learning activities with our young children. 

We also have a much smaller turquoise table in this space. I found it for $3 at a thrift store. Our oldest son eats breakfast and lunch there (we all eat dinner at the big table as a family). It's much easier for him to clean up after himself from this table rather than our counter height table. And I'm all for that!!! We are currently training working with him on this... My rule is that if I find anything left behind (cups, napkins, other trash) then he has to go to bed five minutes earlier each time it happens. What kid wants to go to bed early? I'm obviously not a drill sergeant about it, and give him a lot of grace. I've given him about a week of practicing before I actually enforce what I am saying. Honestly, I'm not sure I will have to enforce it too much. He's catching on pretty quick!

Our youngest son sits in this special seat that we can remove from the chair and take with us if need be. We had to get a seat that had straps that went over his shoulders... the boy is clever and can escape any other kind of straps. It came with a polka dot fabric cover which was cute, but not very functional. Food would get trapped under the cover, and it clashed with our decor. So, I just took it off. I prefer the wipeable white plastic instead. 

We also added two counter height stools at the ends of the table. I have always adored the look of mismatched chairs at a table, and was sad that I would probably never be able to do that with a counter height table. So, I'm excited to have this mix. 

Vignettes are so my thing. I heart them like no other! The framed art is just a remnant piece of floral fabric. The coffee cup wall decor was found while thrifting. The framed "m" is representative of our last name. And the wire basket adds a cool 3-dimensional  element -- I think I found that at TJMaxx. 

And how about something positive and uplifting to read while you eat? 
I purchased this piece from Gordmans. 

We put all of our Christmas decor away, but I kept the table runner out because I am in love with plaid for winter. I like the country feel and how it plays with the turquoise centerpiece (thrift store--$5) and the fabric wall art.

So, there you have it. A sweet little nook of our home where we gather together day after day sharing the joys of life as a family.

You can see more of our home on our House Tour page.

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