Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Featured Space: Bathroom Reno

Warning: This post = picture overload!

Ready to see a MAJOR transformation? My Mom just had her bathroom completely redone, by professionals, and it looks stunning!  She lives in an older home. A much, much older home that had lots of outdated, worn out features. After about a year or so of updating the space has really come along. That's a whole other post for a different day. Back to the bathroom.

Get ready to be WOWed -- but first, brace yourself. The before pictures are not pretty. They are rough! And the before shots are a reflection of some minor updates that happened a long the way like temporary peel n stick tile instead of the CARPETING that was originally there.

See for yourself...

Grossed out?    Unimpressed? 

Let's change that. Look at these afters! I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

Doesn't it look amazing!?  

I'm pretty obsessed with the currently popular choice of gray as a neutral. My sister actually picked out the wall color and did a fabulous job. The updated white paint for the trim and doors does wonders for space too -- makes it feel clean and crisp! This bathroom is neutral, but at the same time has great contrast between the cherry wood tone vanity, the black tile flooring, the countertop, the sink, the towel hanger -- it's all so fantastic! 

How about that shower curtain? I'm particularly fond of the textural element at the top! Of course there is the girly touch with the pretty pink roses. How real do those faux flowers look!? I can never seem find faux flowers that look that authentic. 

Let's see a before and after just for kicks.

I'd say it's a success. What do you think? 

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