Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

Wow, another year has passed! I absolutely love the fresh renewal and revived feeling that comes with a new year. The opportunity for new beginnings is always available to us, but the new year brings that extra umph of motivation. 

Instead of specific resolutions this year, I decided to go with an overall theme. My theme for 2014 is described by these three words:

Simplify. Organize. Engage.

Last years theme included simplify. I'm just not so sure we nailed that one, so it's back for round two! This year we might be more successful with the supporting "organize" theme. Simplify and organize seem to go hand and hand, and I have a STRONG desire to do both in my home and in life in general. 

And with a simpler life and organized processes, I am hoping to find myself more engaged. More engaged with my children, being present in the special moments that occur in the day to day. More engaged in conversations. More engaged in activities. More engaged in the season of life that I am in. 

So, what does that mean for my readers? Well, possibly more organizing and family posts. Successes and drawbacks. I plan to share them all. 

Saying goodbye to another year with a thankful and humble heart. Feeling very blessed at what 2013 brought, but excited for a new adventure. Happy New Year everyone!

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