Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So, this twenty-something just had her 4 wisdom teeth removed. Yup. Last Friday. The pain meds did a number on me, and I was pretty much zonked the entire weekend. I could barely read my computer screen early yesterday morning -- so forgive me for not following up yet with some of my comments and requests. I'll get to you soon, promise.

A few quick updates before I have to go gargle salt water and ice my face...

I have two group boards on Pinterest that you should join. Yes, you! I plan to host my favs via this blog on Fridays, so it's a great chance to get your hard work featured. Not to mention, it's fun to pin together and follow focused inspiration.

Here are the two boards (you can also find the links at the bottom of the blog):

How to Join:
In order for me to send you an invite to join the group board, you must...
1. Follow me (my pinterest username is interiorfun) and my boards.
2. I must follow you back. 
3. Comment on one of my pins asking to join. 
(i.e. "@interiorfun Would you please add me to your board?")
4. Accept my invite. 
5. Pin away and invite others!

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