Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Creating a Basement Office, Part 1

Well hello there my faithful readers! I've been a little MIA lately, at least it feels that way to me. There have been a number of uber important things going on that are consuming my time. I'm slowly checking one or two items off of my to-do list only to add a few more. Maybe an update post soon on those things? We'll see.

A recent line on that to-do list you ask? An office -- a real one. I have my own office upstairs. The husband has his own official office (outside of our home), but really needed a space the he could work from at home as well. He has a computer in his man cave, but that area is more for relaxing and enjoyment, and there isn't really much room for storage. 

The room we are converting? Our exercise - crafting - random storage - Christmas wrapping zone of a room in our basement.  Please enjoy the brutally honest and embarrassing before pictures of the space...

Scary, huh? 

We moved (most of) the junk out and a big desk in. That is as far as we have got. We are planning to paint soon because the husband feels that the light blue walls are a tad too feminine for his manly office. He has requested a color that is "deep" and "rich" so naturally I'm leaning towards a gray. 

In addition to painting we will be searching for artwork, shelving, accessories, and storage. Hopefully we can DIY a lot of it and not have to spend much money. Stay tuned -- and in the mean time I will be scouring Pinterest and cleaning up whats left in there! Lucky me... 


  1. Ooooh an office!! I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves!!

  2. Hopefully it comes together ok... so far I don't have much up my sleeves! :/ Should be interesting! lol

  3. Never thought about an office in the basement but this looks a great basement conversion. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful idea.