Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY: Onion Plant

Over the weekend my husband finally noticed that one of our onions had sprouted some greenery. 

"Uh, babe? Our onion is growing?" 

"I know... DON'T TOUCH IT!"

I then explained to him that I was planning on planting it. He had a chuckle at my explanation, especially when I mentioned "Hey, it's a free plant!" 

Because most plants around here end up looking like this...

I had to jump on the opportunity for a replacement at no charge. 

I removed the dried up, long gone but for some reason still potted plant from my ikea planter. The rather large onion fit down in there perfectly! It was meant to be. 

Next up was miracle grow... because we need all of the miracles we can get considering my black thumbs. I covered the onion with the potting soil and lightly moistened it with some water. Since the onion naturally started growing while on our kitchen counter, I figured I should return the new onion plant back to the same counter, just so it had better chances. 

Technically, I should have planted it like this.
Followed directions like this

Both of those mention peeling away a bit of the onion and exposing the roots. I just planted it as is because I'm not trying to harvest onions, but rather just have another house plant. Annnnd I didn't want to risk damaging the roots with my track record. 

If you want to have your own onion plant, just get yourself a few onions and wait for them to sprout. This can take weeks depending on the onion. Mine sprouted from just being on the counter, but I have read that they will sprout in the pantry as well. 

We shall see if this baby will grow some more... Grow, baby, grow!


  1. Good idea!!! And I feel ya on your plant woes! I leave all that stuff up to the hubby because I either drown them with water or they dry up like the Sahara because I fail to water them!

  2. I'm not any expert on plants and I've been known to kill some myself, but something I've found out the hard way is that those cute planters without any hole on the bottom aren't good for drainage and the roots can get rotten easily :( You can either create a hole on the base, or directly use a planting pot inside the ikea planter. I learnt it's also good to fill the bottom with small pebbles and raise the roots a bit from the very bottom.

    I hope your onion grows! You got me itching to try and plant one, too!!

    1. Thanks for the tips! That completely makes sense because my plants that ARE living are planted in planters that have a hole in the bottom. I had no idea!