Thursday, February 27, 2014

House Flipping - Part 2

I dropped in at "the house" recently to get a few updated pictures for you all.

It's coming along quick!

The drywall was up. This is one of my favorite parts of the process. It's when you really turn the corner and head into the fun details. Plus, you finally get a realistic idea of what the rooms will feel like as far as size and lighting. Luckily the house is still very bright!

This is the master bathroom. It is located on the main level of the house.

Attached to the bathroom is the master closet which is very substantial in size. This means that the bathroom will serve as a walkway to the closet, something I am familiar with in my own home. 

 Double sinks/vanities are a selling feature no matter where you live, so the plan is for two 24" vanities. They will sit side by side with their own individual mirrors and lights. 

Here is a quick peek at the 1/2 bathroom which is also located on the main level. The plan is for a pedestal sink to save on space.  The bathroom is small, but even small spaces need storage. Possibly some shelves above the toilet?  Oh, and how about the exposed brick? I love this look in older homes, it definitely keeps the charm element. 

The upstairs bathroom is a very spacious retreat. Tall ceilings really do this room right. 

Plenty of wall space is available for towel bars, artwork, shelving... you name it!

The vanity area will feature one larger vanity, around 36" wide. 

One other non-bathroom space for ya -- the nook. I love bonus features like this. 

Can you see it all taking shape?
Stay tuned for the bathroom mood boards and inspiration.

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