Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Organizing Items That Have Changed My Life

Well, we haven't really made much progress in the office. Life has been happening, and well, you know how that goes! Hopefully an update next week. Instead, I am here to talk to you about some basic organizing items.


Good organizing is an investment. It's also SO necessary for maintaining a functional home. These days I have a ton of things going on, which I imagine is the same for you. There really isn't time to NOT be organized. I have learned something on my organizing journey that I believe is essential to the ENTIRE organizing process. What is that you ask?

Proper storage. 

So, what is proper storage? Storage that fulfills the functional purpose that you are shooting for. Problem solving storage! It can vary for every family, but I'll show you what it looks like around our house these days.

Our three organizing essentials are baskets, storage tubs/bins, and trays. I could not live without them. Every cabinet, counter top, shelf and drawer are infinitely better because of them. If we were to go the extra mile, I would also have to add a bonus essential: our label maker.

For baskets that are behind closed doors, either in a cabinet or a closet, I prefer to use ones that are at least partially see through -- meaning with decorative cutouts.

That way when you open the cabinet, the hunt for whatever it is that you are looking for is relatively easy. For baskets that are out in the open like on a shelf, I prefer them to be solid and not see through.

This way they hide any items that are inside, eliminating visual clutter and organizing at the same time. Now, there are always exceptions to these rules. Just remember it's about the functionality.

I invest a bit of extra cash when it comes to display baskets since they also act as decor in your home.

Storage Tubs
Basically storage Tupperware is what I referring too here. Same rule as above applies here. I like clear storage tubs if they are behind closed doors, but for storage tubs that sit out in the open like, say in the garage, then I like solid ones for that purpose. Storage tubs differ from baskets in the material that they are made of -- usually plastic. Most of them also have lids to close away all of your goodies, and thus, can be stacked on top of one another. 

Trays are wonderful for decor, functionality purposes and also organizing. You can use them on a coffee table, sideboard or counter to gather items and ground them into a more substantial decor piece. They are functional for transporting items. For instance, we will bring snack foods from our kitchen upstairs down to our media room. We've got our popcorn, soda and candy all good to go in just one trip. Another MAJOR organizing/cleaning benefit to trays is that you can easily remove the tray of items off of a surface for a quick spray and wipe down.

You can think outside of the box on what you actually use as a tray. I use a little plate in my bathroom to hold my perfume.

Why are labels so important?
Communication. Even for the organizer. Because of labels, I can quickly find what I am looking for in just a quick glance. Huge benefit to women who live in a house full of boys like I do. My husband is always "where is the _______? or where did you put the ______?" That question never really goes away, I just hear it a whole lot less than before. 

Ever since I learned the organizing power that these items hold, I just can't get enough. It is very possible that I window shop online for the most perfect future baskets/bins/trays to join our growing organizing family...

Here are some that I'm crushing on (affiliate links)

Organization Two-Drawer Cube

Filing/Posting Tub Storage Box, Letter, Textured Steel, Black

Toy Storage Bin

Twist Basket Size: Large

Scoop Basket Finish: Cool Gray

Eco Displayware Eco-Friendly Shelf Basket

TAG Baskets Rio Rectangular Willow Basket

TAG Baskets Large Seagrass Shallow Basket

Winsome Espresso Wicker Basket Set

Rusty Giraffe Folding Laundry Basket

17" X 10" Vinyl Coated Wire Undershelf Storage Basket

Boca Raton Utility Basket Size: 18" x 12", Color: Buff

Talk is cheap, I know... but I'm telling you guys... they changed my world. See, look -- there are more! :)

What organizing items have changed your life? Who else loves my 3 (err 4) choices as much as I do? 


  1. Totally agree with you!! I'm also loving those organizers for pans and such!! Makes a big difference in my baking and pans cabinet!

    1. I need to invest in some of those! Adding them to my wish list! :)