Monday, March 3, 2014

Can you check under the bed, Mommy?

Raise your hand if you shoved toys under your bed when cleaning up as a kid. I know I did. Mom seemed to be satisfied when she would peek into a clean room, but little did she know it was a disaster right under my bed. Some would say scary -- maybe even too scary for monsters to hang out.

Well, my point here is that under the bed is a natural, instinctual storage space in a child's mind. Why not embrace that? I've come to terms with the fact that at the current ages of my boys (1 1/2 & 4) our storage and organizing methods need to be simple and easy. My expectations need to be lowered so that they are doable.

Behold -- my son's new storage baskets (purchased here). I found something that works!
So glad, because I had been looking. You might remember from when I talked about Toy Organization.  

These bins are large. They are also a very durable plastic. Originally I was looking for wire baskets, locker style to match his book basket. I crossed that idea off of the list when I realized how many of his tiny little toys would be constantly falling through the openings.

I love the deep brown color. It pairs nicely with the wood tone in his bed frame.

And clean up is as easy as just sliding the baskets out from under the bed, tossing toys in and then sliding them back under the bed. Under the bed clean up that Mom approves of. I will gladly check under the bed, my dear!

Even though they are rather large bins, both of the boys can still hide out under the bed behind them.

I do want to personalize them somehow, someway down the road. As for now, they are certainly functional. That's another win-win in my book!

Want to see more of this room? Check out the details here.

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  1. This is fun Lindze! My son has his own storage toys, yet sometimes he doesn’t bother to collect smallest one under his bed, reasoning out that the storage is too big and far in his bed. I adored how your idea works in this situation. Cool!
    Sebastian Chuter