Monday, March 17, 2014

House Flipping - Part 3

Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.
-Bo Bennett

When it comes to house flipping, remodeling, or even just a quick little room refresh visualization is the key to success. Creating a vision board is one of the best ideas to keep your design on track. It's so easy to like many different styles and ideas, but if all are acted upon one might end up with a confusing space.

A vision board is essentially a visual target of how you imagine your space turning out. I usually include pictures of inspirational spaces, color options and materials. After you have created a vision board for your space, you then have a guide when shopping and selecting supplies. If you find something that you really like, but doesn't necessarily fit your vision -- don't buy it.

In any aspect of design there is a creative process. For me, I take what the client is asking for and then find inspirational images that align with their requests. I try to reach a little bit past what they are actually asking for in order to bring new ideas to the table.

Here are the inspiring images that were  eye candy when daydreaming.

Some people have a hard time "seeing" the potential of a space, or envisioning your design ideas. Pictures are a practical way to solve that common problem. Clearly, the pictures above vary in style. Some are more contemporary and modern while others are more rustic and aged. At the same time, the photos contain some common elements such as subway tile, octagon / hexagon tiles, wood tones, and similar color palettes.  This makes for a great starting point in the visualization process. 

With the budget in mind, here is a little mood board that I came up with for the look of the three bathrooms. Each bathroom will have its own unique features and characteristics, but in general they will all have the same feel and style. 

Every item is available at either Home Depot or Lowes -- which is a decision that was made based on affordability and availability. Take a look at the bathroom spaces here and see if you can imagine the outcome. Can you? Don't worry if you can't... more pictures to come soon!

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