Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meet the Blogger

I've been reading blogs for years now. Some of my absolute favorite blogs of all time not only give great advice and inspiration, but they let you in on who they really are. In a way it is like reality blogging. Do I have any other reality tv show junkies like myself out there? I LOVE them. 

That's the thought behind this post today. A little bit of me opening up and sharing who I am. A small dose for today. So how about some behind the scenes honesty?  I've not held back when it comes to sharing some embarrassing photos on the blog. Do you recall my pantry? Or our soon to be basement office? 

Fun fact #1: My car is almost always a mess. I just don't know how to keep it clean. How do people do it!? I feel like it's a magnet for stuff. Today, I cleaned it out and brought in two small laundry baskets of the most random items --- socks because my little one rips them off constantly, toys, dishes -- the list goes on.  

Fun fact #2: Even though my car is a mess, I make the most of my time in it. On Thursdays I work from my car while waiting to pick up and drop of my boys at their schools. I bring my work bag and do graphic design work, edit photos, and write blog posts. Efficiency rules in Mommyland. 

Fun fact #3: I rarely listen to normal music while I drive. Mostly kid CDs or we just chat with each other. However, we do listen to this song pretty often. I reach back to hold my little buddy's hand and tell both the boys that it's our song. Such sweet moments for this emotional Momma. Oh how I love my kids!

Fun fact #4: Even though I love ALL of my boys - hubs included, I sometimes forget how fun it is to have girl time. Grateful for my Mom and Sis.  Apparently I walk fast when shopping, which I believe good thing -- so much to buy with so little time! Just kidding. I'm more of a window shopper, or I like to help others find items they need. 

Fun fact #5: I pretty much shop for everything I need online. Amazon prime is golden, and this is not an affiliate plug or sponsorship. It's a blessing that I've been using for years now. We purchase dog food, diapers, fruit snacks and more from Amazon. And for this reason I now recognize the friendly face of our UPS guy. My son refers to him as the "P.I. West Guy" which is super cute to me, so I haven't corrected him yet. 

There you have it. A few fun little Lindze facts for you. 
Cars and shopping -- who knows what the next one will reveal... 

Stay tuned lovely readers!


  1. It was nice getting to know you more!!! This was fun!

    1. I thought it would be a fun idea! You should do one! ;)