Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Colorado Trip

I mentioned to you all that we spent our Spring Break in the beautiful state of Colorado. I thought I'd share a little bit about that trip before it gets too warm around here. Once spring hits, I don't want to think about snow too much more.

Let me just tell you, we planned this trip spontaneously. My younger sister and her boyfriend came over to watch our boys in late January. Landon and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary by simply enjoying a nice dinner out just the two of us. That was the night that the idea of a ski trip was first talked about.

Fast forward a few weeks and everyone was on board with the idea. My family, my mom and sis, and my sister's boyfriend. The chances of all of our schedules being clear was a stretch, but somehow -- someway -- it happened! It just so happened that my sister's spring break was the exact same time as my boys' spring break AND my Mom was off work. Landon's schedule is flexible to an extent since he is an entrepreneur. And of course, my stay-at-home-mom, blogging, photography and design career pretty much revolves around what my family is doing, I was free too.  It was meant to be. 

I booked a two bedroom condo in Dillon, Colorado using We were able to find all of the amenities we were looking for at a fantastic price. 

Our accommodation wish list included these things:
-Enough Beds
-Enough seats at the table
-Close distance to ski resorts
-Pool & Hot Tub
-Nice View

We also rented a Caravan so that we could all travel there in one vehicle. 

Last summer we drove the 12 hour drive to Colorado Springs with our boys and they did fantastic. This time really wasn't all that different except we opted to drive during the night rather than day. I was thinking that the boys would sleep, but apparently my little one didn't sleep all that much. He took about a day to get back on schedule.

With three drivers (Mom, me and Landon) it wasn't bad at all. I listened to a few sermons that I loaded onto my phone. I had four of them to be exact, and each one was about an hour long.

We actually arrived WAY early. Probably about 7 hours before we were supposed to check in (we forgot to factor in the time change). We killed sometime stopping at IHOP for breakfast. A quick phone call to the property owner got us into the condo early. Luckily there wasn't a renter there. I mean, what would we have done all day with my 4 and 2 year old? 

The Condo Details 

Here is a look into our fabulous condo. It had a HUGE and very comfy leather sectional. LOVED this feature as we could all hang out together. I thought this was a rather wise choice for a rental property -- easy to clean and wears nicely over time. 


Well, we definitely went skiing and snowboarding.

Grandma was around to entertain the kiddos while we spent a few days on the mountain.

Around the condo we played board games, cooked together, made wood fires, went swimming, and just relaxed. We played Quelf which was a good game for being silly and laughing.

We also ventured out around the town to do a little sight seeing, shopping and dining. I love eating at local restaurants rather that chain restaurants while on vacation. We hit up the outlet mall, souvenir shops and thrift stores. I LOVE thrifting in different cities. Colorado thrift shops had ample supplies of winter coats and lots of puffy vests (like the one Kasen is wearing in the photos).

And we did we did what it took to keep my littlest son entertained. This included some indoor stroller riding...

And he also wore Mommy's pink ski hat... Whatever it takes right?

My oldest does great on vacation. He would travel all of the time if he could. So, he was easy to keep happy. 

Oh, and it turns out that Koah might have a future career in photography like his Momma! We had him take a few pictures of my Mom, sister and I. Yes, I let him hold my DSLR! And yes, it was scary! :)

He actually did really well and even requested funny poses from us which had us all laughing. 

We did "the ninja"...

And "the running pose"...

And even during the regular photos he was wiggling his little hips and shaking his booty to get us to smile -- and believe me, we were!

We also took the cliche group shots -- but really, we would have regretted not doing this. These are the best to look back on!

What do you all do when you travel? Do you get excited over leather sectionals like I do? I'm a pro at going to the mountains, but I'm so inexperienced in beach travel. Any tips in that area!?

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