Thursday, April 3, 2014

House Flipping - Part 4

Progress is exciting!!! Whether is moving fast or slow, some progress is good progress. How fun is it to see a vision become a reality?

The bathrooms are starting to take shape. Mostly tile and a little bead board were installed the last time I dropped by...

The half bath had the trendy octagon tiles in place. #swoon

And also some bead board and PAINT -- light gray, of course. 

No tile in the master just yet. Seems like some sub floor redoing must happen prior to installation? 

 Bead board and paint in here as well! 

Tile upstairs! Just a nice, neutral tile. 

And how about this bead board that goes up the height of the wall with the ledge at the top? Isn't it fantastic? 

There are a few other new features going on in the rest of the house. Built-in shelves under the stairs. Clever and functional.

Embellishments beginning on the existing cabinets. 

More shades of gray-- three total. I have these same colors in my own home, so of course I love them! 

This ceiling feature is amazing! It brings character to the nook area which is a nice tie in to the rest of the house (which isn't brand new like this space). 

The front door has been updated with this heavy-duty wood door. 

The wood is so beautiful! Just like the day I stopped by -- blue skies and sunshine! 

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