Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meet the Blogger

I'm a BIG fan of reading. Unfortunately, it seems as though the value of reading is losing it's edge in today's world. So many distractions. So many obligations. So many commitments.

Even so, I still love to read. I rarely read just for pleasure. Maybe one or two books like that a year. I mostly read for the sake of learning. Books are my mentors, teaching me about topics and passing on proven wisdom. 

Fun Fact #1: I could spend hours in a book store browsing the aisles and thumbing through books. Although I love being there, I rarely by books from the big name stores. I usually like exploring used book stores first, then the cheaper book stores and finally if I still haven't found what I want-- Amazon tends to win my money. Used book stores are really fun though (kind of like thrift shops!). They are FANTASTIC stores for finding fun (and cheap) coffee table type books. I tend to choose decorating books, of course.

My husband and I went on a spontaneous date this past Saturday. The first part of the date was spent in our local downtown area for dinner. We passed several bars on our way back to the car. The second part of our date was spent at Barnes and Noble. As soon as I walked in I said, "This is waaaay more my scene then a bar." My husband responded in agreement and then said, "I think that makes us nerds."  Ha! Oh well, we are what we are.

Fun Fact #2: My love for reading stems from my Dad teaching me to love to read. During my childhood, if he ever saw me acting bored or being lazy his first response was, "Go read a book, learn something!" He would also say things like "Educate yourself" and "Reading is how you get educated" and I tell you what --- he was so right! I can still picture myself reading in my childhood home, laying on our old light blue couch eating cinnamon candies.

Fun Fact #3: I sold books for a while. My business was called ChapterThree. Why that name? Because three is my favorite number, simple as that. :-) I took a break because of a personal family matter, and I am still currently on a break. You never know though, one day I might do it again.

Fun Fact #4: This one is more about my son, but it's relevant. When my oldest was just two and a half years old he memorized the story of Jonah that we read to him from his children's Bible. Word for word. He eventually could recite it without even seeing the pictures. Needless to say, it was his favorite Bible story for a while.

Fun Fact #5: My current reading rotation consists of these three books: The Power of a Positive Mom, Raising Boys by Design, and Hands Free Mama.

Since I read a lot of parenting and Mommy books, I had my oldest son color me a little bookmark. Nothing major, but a sweet reminder that what I do as a mother matters more than almost anything. These sweet little beings are my priority, and I will do everything to better myself as a Mommy! 

I also keep a stash of books from the library. Here is my current collection.

How about you guys? Do I have any fellow book lovers?  Any recommendations? I'll add them to my waiting list! Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!


  1. The Kitchen House is an excellent book, if you love historical fiction. I couldn't put it down!

    1. Oooo thank you! I will have to look into that one! :)