Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mood Board Design: Outdoor Space

It is sooooo warm today here in the Midwest. I'm loving it! After I dropped my boys off at their schools this morning, I hurried home to change into a t-shirt and thought to myself about how much time we will soon be spending outside. 

I thought about bikes and sports equipment scattered in our front driveway. I thought about sidewalk chalk masterpieces and visiting with neighbors. I thought about evening walks. All such good things. 

And then, I thought about our back deck. It's a work in progress. 

First of all, let me say, it's amazing. Don't get me wrong. We have a VERY large back deck, and it is so fun for entertaining. A portion of it is covered, while another portion is open to the sunshine. It's my private tanning area. :-) 

Last summer we worked on some deck projects that we never really finished up. The major unfinished project is screening the covered portion of the deck. We started, but quickly realized that we needed some help. Although we are both perfectly capable of installing it ourselves DIY style, it's just not very realistic with the kiddos. One of us has to be with this kids, they are way to small to be entertaining themselves. 

So, that task will have to be finished up here pretty soon. 

AND after its done... well, here is what I'm dreaming up...

*Note, these products are all from either Target or Home Depot.
We already have all of the main furniture pieces which includes a table, lounge chair, and sectional. We also have a Big Green Egg and a custom table for it that my Brother-in-law built. 

The space just needs a bit of love to liven it up. And a bit of color. All of our furniture cushions are a goldish tan color which is fine, it's just a little blah and boring. 

So, that's what I've been dreaming about today... now to show the hubby and see if he gets inspired/motivated. To be continued... hopefully (fingers crossed)!!!