Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Action

The season of Spring seems to have magical powers on our family. We are happier, more positive, and willingly more busy. We seem to bloom right along with the Spring flowers. Although we aren't officially into complete warmer weather, we have been making the most of the warm days we have had.

That being said I've let my busyness and my thoughts occupy much of my blogging time. So, I thought I'd give you all an update on where I'm at. 

The Office
We are about 80% done with this space. Yesterday we hung four pretty awesome pictures, so an update might be around the corner.  For now,  I am focusing on finding some practical desk accessories.

The Nursery
This is also known as Kasen's room, he is my youngest son. It's a cute little room which I realized I have yet to share on the blog. He is going on 2 at the end of the summer and his personality is really starting to shine. I like the idea of adding things that he is actually showing interest in. For instance, sports. He LOVES to play with any ball, pretends random objects are bats and can shoot hoops on his little basketball goal for an hour straight. That being said, I'd love to interject somethings in the sports category and make the room more toddler like and less baby. My wheels are turning...

Outdoor Space
I showed my husband the vision that I had for the space and he was on board! I was SO ready to get that project rolling because unfortunately we have had to entertain out there once this season already. I say unfortunately because it's just not pretty yet, and I was bummed.

I shared my mood board (as mentioned above) for the space recently, but the cost of buying all new things was really bothering me. All of those little items could really add up fast. So, my solution? Shop my house. And that's just what I did. I will need to purchase a few more things to liven it up, but for now it's a million times better and more functional.

Yesterday was pretty gloomy outside, but I snapped a few pictures for you all anyway.

I purchased a few outdoor lanterns from Lowe's a few summers ago, so I grabbed one of those along with two potted succulent plants from Michael's. The fabric underneath is just a remnant piece that I made into a small table runner. I like how it adds color, pattern and a softness to the glass table top.

These goldish tan pillow cushions are what came with the furniture. I'd love to update just a few of them with colorful cushions eventually. 

I rearranged the sectional from an "L" shape to more of a couch with a chaise section. I added a cheaper table in front for drinks and grounded the table with an outdoor rug that we already had from target. 

Clearly the pillows need some love.

I positioned the corner section of the sectional on it's own next to a small table. I added a heavy duty potted plant that we already had to the top of the table. Visitors can see this area along with the table when they look out our living room window. 

My Brother-in-law built my husband this awesome table for our Big Green Egg. It has two levels, so I'd like to find something functional for storing a few things on that as well. 

Lastly, I added my blue chevron pillows to the chairs at each end of the table. It's definitely an improvement from the blandness before. BUT it's still a work in progress... which means... TIME TO SHOP! :)

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