Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Update: Manly and Inspired Office

While this space is not totally complete, it is definitely getting there and definitely worth sharing the progress!

I've shared a few times before that we were making my husband a home office. He does have an official office space outside of our home, but often time work starts at home before he goes into his official office and it often happens after he comes home from his official office. Plus, I need somewhere to put the random papers and business cards that find their way onto my dresser... bathroom vanity... etc.

So, when the hubs suggested the home office I jumped on the idea to design another space in our home. It was after our trip to Colorado when the creativity struck.

Feeling inspired and fired up about the awesome snowboarding and ski trip we just experienced, Landon decided that he wanted to decorate the space with the adventures that he has been a part of. In a way, a reminder of why he works so hard.

First, we gave the room a paint job. Then we built the custom shelves.

I had been drooling over pipe furniture on Pinterest for months, and when I showed some of my pins to Landon he was sold with the edgy/manly industrial look they offered.  Between the shelves and the closet, we had the storage covered.

As you can see, the shelves are sporting the snowboard boots, helmet, and Go Pro.

Next was the need for a desk. We brought this "door desk" home from his official office as it had sat there for over a year not being used. It's huge, but awesome. And while I'm not quite sure that the paint colors really work in the space, it's not actually ours to paint so we will leave it that way.

The "art" in the space seals the deal on the whole show. We framed four large photographs from our travels. Next we mounted the snowboard directly above the photos.

Additionally, we have a bit of African flair from an African business trip that Landon took a few years back.

It's a bit mismatched, but I like it like that. I guess if you had to name a theme overall I would have to say travel or maybe adventure...  Either way, the husband loves it and that's all that matters. It's also a plus that it's motivating for him. Makes me think I should work on my office some more! ;)

It's still coming along! Currently hunting for desk accessories...

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