Thursday, June 5, 2014

Family Float Trip

I spent a few days recuperating from our weekend adventure and now it's almost the weekend again! Our family went on a little camping/floating excursion and had a great time. Luckily, by an act of God I believe, there was a cabin available for us.  Originally we were going to camp in a tent, but my husband and I feared it was going to storm and we didn't think that would go over too well having little ones.

The cabin was modest and had just the essentials, but when your original plan entailed much more work and ruggedness we felt like we had checked into a Hilton. Ok, maybe not that nice, but we were very pleased with our accommodations.

Our cabin was in a triplex, which was 3 individual rooms all under the same roof. How perfect for 3 families going on a weekend trip together?

My husband and oldest went floating with the rest of the crowd (it was an annual family float) while myself and my little one stayed back at the campground. 

So while they floated, we...

Played in the river, caught little creatures, sat in the sun, had a nice lunch, took a long nap, hiked around the campground, and played with bubbles outside. 

I purchased two of these little containers from the Dollar Tree, one for each boy.

It came with a small net and tweezers and was meant for catching bugs, but we opted for it being an aquarium. A big hit!

The day ended up being a really relaxing because the campground was so quiet since everyone was gone floating. The group was gone for about 5 hours or so, but when they came back they didn't come empty handed.

Here are the boys with some baby turtles. Koah was sad because we were getting ready to let them go back in the water, and Kasen was just excited in general. The glow sticks were also a big hit at night time, and as an added bonus they kept our boys very visible in case they tried to wander off. :)

My husband recently purchased a "Go-Pro" video camera, so he compiled a little video keepsake for us.  I thought I'd share it with you. 

Any other camping families out there? What are your camping/floating traditions? I'm also on the hunt for fun camping foods and recipes...

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