Thursday, July 24, 2014

Big News

So, do you want to know the real reason that I've been SOOOO m.i.a? Most of our family and friends are aware, but I thought I'd fill my lovely readers (who have probably been so bored around here) in on the BIG NEWS.

We are expecting our third baby!

I'm about half way through my pregnancy now (about 20 weeks). This pregnancy was a complete surprise for us to say the least. We were not trying, and even taking precautions but in the end the Lord knew what was best for us. In fact, the week we found out I prayed asking God that if he wanted us to have a third child, then if he would please just make that very clear... or go ahead and make that happen. And that is exactly what he did!  

You see, my husband and I had always talked about wanting a big family. For us, raising a family is what life is all about and we feel very blessed to do so already with our two boys. Once we actually started having children we began to rethink our numbers a bit. Kids are a ton of work. A blessing for sure, don't get me wrong here. After we had our two boys we actually thought "hey, we might be done here." Before we made that decision for sure, I wanted to make sure it was God's will for our life. And to be honest I was really unclear about this except for the fact that I always felt some sort of void or sense of incompleteness in our family unit. 

As much as I wanted to choose to follow God's will if he did want us to have three kids, I wasn't sure if I could do it... which is exactly why I asked him to make it so clear. 


I told my husband the news a few days after Easter. I planned a date for us which included dinner and a little shopping (for guy stuff like camo). Towards the end of the date I gave him a little Easter basket with two pregnancy tests in it. He was shocked beyond shocked, but once the dust settled he was excited and on board our already moving train... which is always a comforting feeling. 

We had two doctors appointments and were almost 10 weeks before we ever told our families. They were just as surprised as we were since the had never heard us talk about more kiddos. 


For the first trimester I was wiped out. Low energy and about a week of terrible morning sickness. I had never experienced morning sickness with my boys, so that was a HUGE issue. Luckily it didn't last too long and I was able to entertain my kiddos with a few back to back movies days since I spent most of my time stationed on the couch. 

As far as the second trimester goes, I've been feeling much much better. I've even been experiencing some early nesting energy which I have already put to good use in the nursery (more to come there soon).  My biggest symptom is dizziness when I stand for too long. The doctor said it's likely from a drop in blood pressure and drinking extra water will help with that. 

Our boys are very excited about the news of a baby, especially my oldest. We've been doing a lot of preparations to make the transition as smooth as possible. The boys are now sharing the same bedroom, using the bunk beds that we got from Santa. This transition was surprisingly easy. The boys wanted to share the same room, and Koah lovingly welcomed his brother in. The biggest challenge was combining their clothing. Luckily we figured it out, and I might share that in a future post. 

This also means that my little one is now sleeping in a big boy bed, leaving the crib available for the new baby. And along with easy transitions, he is also potty training like a champ! 

We have even more big news to share than just this... 

I might be wearing a blue bandanna in the pictures, BUT we are having a GIRL! Around 16 weeks we went for an early gender reveal ultrasound and found out this crazy news. I was for sure it was another boy, I guess just because I already have them and it's what I know. I just always assumed it would be a boy. When we found out "girl" I ended up getting a little emotional (in a good way) at the thought of experiencing both genders. 

My husband claims to have known it was a girl. He said that he felt like God was going to teach him a lot by giving him a daughter, which is probably very true! 

In the mean time, I am just focusing on getting a handle on our current situation before we welcome an additional family member. This has included several house projects and organizing projects. I'm striving to figure out a healthy routine that will balance family, our home, blogging and our businesses. Of course, this will always be evolving but for this next season I'm set on a plan. 

We are due in early December.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Lindsay!!!! I am beyond happy for you and your family!!! Girls are so much fun and definitely have Daddy's wrapped around their finger!

    1. Thanks so much, Selene! We are very excited, and I just can not wait to see how her Daddy is with her! :)