Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Adventures

Let's interrupt the continuous stream of nursery posts for a bit of an update on the family, shall we?

I'm getting pumped for fall since August is about wrapped up. It's my favorite season, by far!


My son is back in school. He is 4 1/2 years old, and he really loves school. This year he is going during the afternoons, which is really convenient because his little bro naps during that time. 

I've been playing Pete the Cat audio CD's on our drive to school to get him pumped up everyday. It's adorable to glance in the rear view mirror and see the boys jamming and dancing in their car seats.

He did tell me that he would rather we didn't hold hands on the sidewalk as we walked to the door of the school. I took that surprisingly well considering my unpredictable pregnancy hormones. It also helped that he grabbed my hand anyway. I reminded him of what he had told me and he responded,
"I said only on the sidewalk, Mom. It's okay in the parking lot." His 4 year old logic is spot on!

Last year was Koah's first year in "school" so we did a first day picture. We did this again this year and it fun to see the difference. I asked him a few questions about his interests and included those on the chalkboard. Won't that be cute to see how that evolves over the years? 

This year -- Mac N Cheese, swimming, Skylanders, and he wants to be a police officer. Anyone else have kids into Skylanders? It's been a big hit around our house over the last few months.

We were in my niece's wedding at the beginning of August. It was an outdoor wedding complete with country attire. Koah was the ring bearer. :) Oh gosh, was he ever cute! I tried talking him into being a cowboy for Halloween since we already have the outfit, but of course he wants to be a Ninja!

Our family has also been soaking up the last few weeks of HOT summer days. We spent a couple of weekends at the lake and camping. My kids are fearless water babies!

We went camping around the same time last year, and it was amazing to see the difference just one year makes when kids are little. My youngest was really into it this time and had a blast digging in dirt, picking up rocks and sticks, and hiking with his Dad.

I'm in the process of organizing our camping gear into Rubbermaids. The urgency was there right after we finished our camping trip... but has since faded since we've been back home with no camping trips in our near future. Motivation please come back!!!

Our favorite campground is just about an hour from our house. 

Out of everything Koah said his favorite part was the playground. 

I think Kasen would probably agree with that. 

Landon and I both loved us all being together and watching the boys have fun. 

Oh, and this view...

Amazing, right?

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