Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Hang Wall Decor

If you know me personally, then you would probably say that I can be impetuous. When my mind is set on doing something I don't wait long. Because of this I have become decently handy around the house. I don't want to wait on the hubs to get home from work to hang a simple picture or shelf on the wall.

Anyone else like that or do you leave it to your man?

This is my method for hanging wall decor on the wall (mostly frames and shelves) and I promise it's SUPER easy that you might as well learn if you don't know! :)

The tools that I use are:
Masking Tape or Painters Tape
Stud Finder (sometimes)
Drywall Anchors (sometimes)

*Note: If you are hanging a shelf intended to hold heavy items, or any other heavy artwork you will want to either drill the screw directly into a stud OR if you don't have the option to use a stud then you should use drywall anchors before the screws to make it secure. 

First, I lay a piece of masking tape across the entire width/back of the item I'm hanging, just like I did with my shelf.

Next, I use a marker to mark lines on the tape where the holes are for the screws.

Then, I remove the tape from the back of the shelf and place it up on the wall where I want the shelf to be. I just eyeball it.

Next, I use my level against the tape to ensure that the shelf will be straight and level when I hang it. When the bubble on the level is centered, I simple mark two dots (in line with the original lines that I drew) on the tape. Does that make sense?

After that, I grab my screw and drill. Placing the screw directly over the dot on the tape, I drill it into the wall. Once both screws are in, I carefully remove the tape from the wall and discard it. 

Hang up the shelf and set the level on top to double check that it's correct.

And you're done! And the best part is, you did it all by yourself -- go you!!!

Did you notice some new items on the gallery wall? It's coming along nicely, in fact, I think it's done! I could get carried away with it, but I am stopping myself because I love how it is now! More on that soon... 

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  1. I totally feel you!! When I get an idea in my head I have to execute it immediately! Great tips!