Friday, August 8, 2014

Nursery Progress

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a girl's nursery. There are just so many color choices, pattern choices, themes, and accessories to choose from. The options are wonderful, but I can see how they can be overwhelming... and maybe even a bit costly (insert big scared eyes here)!

So far my plan has been to "pull things together" with the intent of having a custom, unique end result. Who am I kidding, this is usually my decorating plan regardless of the space.  Of course, I have a general idea as far as the overall look and function of the space and layout, both of which are subject to change during the process. 

Let's begin with our progress so far...

First, we painted the walls a neutral gray. I really wanted a color that could be transitional, plus the neutral walls would best showcase pops of color throughout the space. 

After shopping around at a handful of local stores and online websites we ended up purchasing a new dresser, glider and ottoman from Babies R Us. Purchasing these items during a sale, with a coupon, and having a slight in-store delivery issue end up saving us about $450!

We are using the white crib that we already had. I really like the mix of wood finishes for interest. We are also reusing the existing blind and white curtains, although I am looking to embellish the curtains soon.

Bedding sets are wonderful, but those bumpers scare me! I never ended up using them with the boys, so this time around I new I didn't even want to go there. This meant piecing together a bedding set on my own. Pricing these items separately online was a little bit of a gloomy process. I wasn't having the best of luck finding anything I loved that was affordable. I went ahead an grabbed a pretty & soft pink sheet from Target. THEN, God sent me this pretty little dust ruffle at a resale shop for... wait for it... $2!!!

I am now planning on splurging a little on a new rail cover from Etsy since I saved on the dust ruffle. Don't worry, I washed it twice through our HOT water cycle, although I'm fairly sure it was fine after the first wash. 

I have a few clothing items already tucked in the drawers that I purchased when we first found out it was a girl. I also have some blankets and burp cloths in the drawers near the chair.

I imagine spending a lot of time in that chair. It might just become my new favorite spot in our house.

Kasen does not seem the least bit worried about his old room becoming a nursery. He has adjusted so well to sharing a room with his brother and his new big boy bed. And I am SO thankful! :)

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