Friday, August 15, 2014

Tips for Quickly Painting a Room

These last few days have been pretty great around here. I've had some time in the afternoons to work on the nursery and even read a few chapters in my latest Mommy book (Raising Boys by Design, in case you were wondering). Perhaps it's the calm before the storm?

Last night I was asking my husband what he thought this next little season would be like when he honestly answered that he wasn't going to experience as much of a season change as I would. True story. I now have my kiddo back at school and all of the Mom responsibilities that come along with that. It makes me even more thankful for the organizing and decorating progress that we have made lately.

I did share with you my all time favorite gray paints recently, so I thought I'd let you know how this non-pro painter gets a room repainted during nap time.

1. Use paint and primer in one.
It doesn't matter if you have one kid or eight kids, everyone is busy. Adulthood means that there are numerous responsibilities demanding our time and it can be difficult finding a spare hour or two for household projects. This is why I opt for the slightly more expensive paint and primer in one option. I usually use Behr from Home Depot.

2. Have the right tools ready to go. 

Here is a list of what items I typically use when panting and how I use them:

flat head screw driver-  I use this to open the paint can.

philips screw driver- I use this to remove screws from wall (curtain rods, hooks, etc)

hammer- I use this to reseal paint can.

paint tray(s) - I use a tray for the roller and a small tray that is easy to carry with one hand for cutting in.

cardboard - I keep all of my painting stuff on top of this and scoot it easily across the floor as painting. We are Amazon prime members, so we never have a shortage of cardboard around here.

paint brush- I use one angled paint brush for cutting in.

paint roller- I use this to get the majority of the paint up on the walls.

paint roller extension rod- I use this to get the paint roller high up the wall without needing a ladder.

plastic bag- If I need to take an extended break, I wrap my paint brush/roller in a plastic bag. This keeps the paint on the roller or brush from drying out.

paint - I don't feel much need to explain this one... :) I keep the can of paint on the cardboard near the paint trays and refill them as needed.

ladder- I use this for cutting in above the doorways and up against the ceiling.

step stool- This isn't really necessary since I have a ladder, but I still use one because it's easier to scoot around.

wet wash cloth- I always keep a wet rag handy to wipe up any drips. As long as the paint hasn't dried, a wet rag is an easy fix.

drink- I will bring a drink and a snack just so there isn't an excuse to stop painting, plus painting is hard work so it's nice to refuel.

music- Unless you want to be in your own head and thoughts, music is always a fun way to distract yourself from the mundane of the task at hand.

3. Skip a few steps.
Drop cloths and painters tape are not always necessary. Move furniture to the center of the room to avoid splatter, if it makes you feel better throw something over the top but that's all you need to do. Obviously, be careful. If it worries you too much to not protect the floor underneath you, then use a small piece of cardboard or drop cloth that can easily be scooted along with you. A good brush is key for cutting in. Skip taping everything off. Use a good brush and go slowly, you will still save time, even at the slower pace.

4. Don't skip the prep work.
This tip may seem a bit odd following the last tip to skip some steps, but hear me out. It's important to remove curtains & rods, the plates on light switches and outlets (unless you are comfortable cutting around these), and other nails/screws that are on the wall. I usually take these all down before I even start to paint. That way once I am started on the panting process I don't need to stop my flow to remove anything. See what I'm saying? Anytime you stop is an opportunity for your mind to tell you "hey, let's take a break" and that will not help in getting the job done quickly!

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  1. Nice tips!! Last week I painted our master bedroom ( a light gray by the way) and it was the first time I skipped the drop cloth on the floor and taping. Cutting in with a brush really wasn't as tedious as I had thought!! It definitely saved lots of time! The only downfall was going up and down the ladder since we have high ceilings!